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Pet Insurance Tales

Pet Insurance Tales

Choosing pet insurance can be a significant decision for pet parents. Not only is pet insurance a financial choice, but it is also important when it comes to taking care of your pet’s health.

Pet Insurance Coverage: Who Is It For?

One of the many great things about pet insurance is that it can benefit pets and their parents...

Busting Life Myths

Life: Busting Myths About Life Insurance

Life insurance doesn't usually make the hot list of discussion topics around the holidays, but as we enter a new year and have time to reflect on things we love, things we want to change and things to which we need to give more attention, maybe it's time to bump it up on the list. Consider these popular myths about life insurance for starters...

Winter Driving

Auto: Winter Driving Safety Tips

At Clever, we want your winter driving experience to be uneventful! If you’ve ever been stuck on the highway during freezing temperatures watching as your gas gauge creeps toward the red line, you know the sinking gut feeling of being unprepared.

That’s why we recommend keeping the gas tank above the halfway point during winter months. In addition, here are some more...

Clean Gutters

Home: Winter Home Preps for the Win!

A little pre-winter maintenance can go a long way in saving home owners both time and money. At Clever, we want to help you avoid teeth-chattering furnace breakdowns, busted pipe nightmares and ice dam avalanches as much as possible! Steps taken this fall may just be your ticket to a warm and cozy winter...

Home vs Renters

Home/Renters: Home vs Renters

What is the difference between Home and Renters insurance? Do you know? It can get confusing... we know. Let us help break it down.

Your landlord owns the actual building that you rent. So, your landlord needs to buy a homeowners policy for the structure itself. You own your stuff inside and you also have liability needs. So, you need to buy a Renters policy for your stuff and your liability...

Cleaning Hacks

Home/Renters: 6 Clever Cleaning Hacks

Part of living in a home is actually living. And hey, we know life is messy. At Clever, we like to streamline insurance and make it easy. W e think your cleaning routine can be just as simple. Here are some helpful hacks:

1. Dusting ceilings –Are you vertically challenged or just have high ceilings?...

Rental Heaven

Renters: 7 Hacks to Make your Rental Heaven

We get it; your lease has a bunch of rules and may hinder you from truly making your place “home”. At Clever, we’re here to help you feel more at home with these nifty workarounds.

1. Remove Doors –If you live in a small apartment, you can remove cabinet doors to give your space a modern look...

Renters Insurance

Renters: Renters Insurance - The Basics

Home. It's your hideout, your sanctuary, where you re-charge your batteries and usually the place you keep all of your most important possessions. Renters insurance provides critical protection for incidents that may happen within your home or apartment or even beyond. And don’t worry, your "stuff" or personal property that is inside your home or apartment, yep it's covered too...