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Clever Bundle Options

Big Dog Bundle

Big Dog Bundle

Auto + Renters or Auto + Home or Auto + Life or Renters + Life or Home + Life (any combo of two lines gets you 4% off all renters or home and autos. Doesn’t sound like much? Watch what happens when you start stacking other discounts!)

Top Dog Bundle

Top Dog Bundle

Auto + Renters + Life or Auto + Home + Life (combo including at least one auto, renters or home, and life gets you 8% off all renters or home and autos plus additional discounts and perk coverages)

More Discounts

More Discounts

Clever bundles are anything but typical. Not only do we offer discounts for bundles, we stack discounts for multiple vehicles, renters, home, safety, good grades, and more!

  • Multi-vehicle Discount – 10%
    • Applies when Clever covers any combo of at least two: Trucks, Cars, SUVs
  • Good Student Discount – 20%
    • Applies to an auto policy when a full-time, unmarried student under age 25 achieves at least a B- grade average
  • Claims Free Discount – 8%
    • Applies to a renters or home policy when you are claims free for 3 years (with any company)
  • Security System Discount – 10%
    • Applies when your renters or home is protected 24/7 by a burglary and fire alarm system.

Passive Restraint Discount

Should you be rewarded for airbags? Absolutely. Save on auto insurance with driver side airbags. Save even more with driver and passenger side airbags.

Safe Driver Discount

Save money when you have a track record of safe driving. You don’t even have to be totally claims-free. Smaller claims are still ok, how about that! Clever drivers with claims under $1,000 for bodily injury, property damage, or collision still earn an accident-free year annually – yes, this equals lower premiums!

Claims Forgiveness Discount

We know things happen, that’s why you have Clever. Renters or Home with previous Clever claims won’t feel the pain of premium surcharges because they’ll save 5%-10% on personal property premium increases due to prior claims. Let’s focus on the future, not the past.

Claims Free Discount

Save 8% on renter’s personal property premium with a three-year-streak without any property claims. Claims free=savings!

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