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When it comes to life insurance, one size hardly fits all. That’s why we help you create the policy that best fits your needs—and your budget. And when you bundle life insurance with another policy, you’ll save even more. That’s convenience. That’s Clever.

Life Insurance Offerings


Provides Income For The People You Care About


Provides Income So You Aren’t Totally Going It Alone


Provides For Future Plans and Dreams and Protects Their Choice To Get Additional Life Insurance As They Grow

What's so cool about Clever?

We're glad you asked! Clever Life Insurance is anything but typical. Not only do we cut out the medical exams, but we offer…

  • Decisions on life insurance in minutes based on your medical Q and A and not on lab work.
  • Term life and whole life in the same plan if desired.
  • Available riders to guarantee insurability for life.
  • Double the funds for your loved ones if you pass away in an accident.
  • Options that allow you to turn your temporary term life coverage into permanent whole life coverage later on.

Seeing a pattern? We thought so. The most important part of Clever life policies is that you call the shots. You say how much, you say when.

Amp up your policy with add-ons like...

Life can be unpredictable. This agreement provides for waiver of premiums (we pay the premiums for you) while the insured is totally and permanently disabled.
We know you may need more life insurance eventually. That’s why you can add on a guaranteed purchase option, which grants the insured options to purchase new insurance, without any additional medical questions or exams, on the policy at specific times throughout life. It protects the insured from being denied life insurance for any health reasons in the future.
Accidents can be totally tragic. This provides double the funds for your loved ones if your passing is from bodily injuries sustained in an accident.
Sometimes you need your benefits now. This provides a one-time accelerated payment of death benefit. If diagnosed with a terminal illness at some point in the future you may be able to access some of your coverage, up to 50% of the coverage amount.

Bundle, Bundle, Bundle

When you bundle auto, life, and a home or renters policy together, you'll get our best coverage, lowest rates, and other cool add-ons with our Top Dog discount.

Select the coverage you need to get started.

Bundle auto with home or renters and you can save at least 4%

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Check out our Life Buyer's Guide to learn more about offerings, browse FAQs, watch videos and more.

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